Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more flash stuff

This week, Nickelodeon reps had a panel discussion at fullerton, and it made me feel sad. haha. I found out they don't hire animators in 2d or 3d. NooOOO
So that crossed 1 of the companies I can work w/ in the future haha.

Anyways, the stuff this week isn't that great. It was just me testing out how to do special effects on flash, so there wasn't much character animation.
and then the other is just an animated prop w/o turning it into a character.

There are major flaws in the animation that i need to work out, plus it's kinda dull. I really wanted 2 add on more to it, but then time just ran out.

I will add on/ modify them later on when I have time.
It's gonna be an intense animating month for me, so some of the stuff i post today and later on this month might not be to great. But bear w/ me.

I need to start animating my lift test in 3d soon. So you guys will finally get to see some 3d stuff. yay! Excitement.

Here are they are: