Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finally some 3d! DUQ

Merry Christmas everyone! As a special treat, I have promised you guys, so here are some of my 3D stuff.
This is the character I rigged in Jesse's class. Dialogues continue to kick my butt so it's not perfect.
Here are my dialogue tests.

I actually started with Moom first because I thought I couldn't finish the dialogue in time.

But I finished early and had time to spare, so that's when I did the dialogue with my character. The dialogue is actually sequential. So the Duq Dialogue goes 1st then the Moom.

I got caught up in dialogue so much i decided to add a little more.
Here's what I added on so far.

Now it's time to play "Guess where the dialogue is from?"
the answer is



KiJeon Nam said...

Haha, Quoc, these are cool. I like the dancing green blob dude Flash animation. The dialogue animation for the duck is kind of iffy but the one with the Moom rig was definitely coming along. Good stuff, man! Keep it up... and Feliz Navidad to you, too. =)

Chez Dave said...

It seems you have a facility with 3D animation. Your dialogue tests seem fine to me, your timing is great and a great comedic understanding. I would like to see more finished out/rendered work like the duck.

Nhut Pham said...

Hi Quoc,
I can see you're working hard man! Your dialogue animation is better than me! I hate to do dialogue! Love your "green frog man" animation. BTW, happy new year!

Tim Haney said...

Whats up Quoc! this 3d stuff looks really good!! Keep up the good work!!!