Friday, March 6, 2009

Okay I'll update again

I've decided to update my blog again just so show that I'm still alive.

Currently I'm working on a school group animated short called "Buki" - directed by Howard Cheng & KiJeon Nam
Due to a contract I recently signed, I cannot leak too much information about the story is about. All you guys need to know is "Sushi... Buki"... because it rhymes. haha

So look forward to it being done around May/June.

Everybody's in the group has some really great stuff developed/developing. So I have to try to be up to their standard and not ruin their scene w/ my crappy work.

I'm currently 1 of the 2 FX artist in the group.

Here's 1 of the special FX scene I'm working on. I don't know what I did but this was one of the better test. According to my director, this scene is 80% completed.

Software: 3d Studio MAX (Fume FX plugin)
Kitchen/ Fridge (modeled by Willie)

I did a few more tests but I seem to have went backward in progression. haha.

I'll try to update at least every other week. So I hope you look forward to it.

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Pornsin Sooksanguan said...

Hey Quoc..i have added your blog into my blog...your works are the effects of the refrigerator.