Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Animating the old fashion way... on Flash

Sorry I haven't been posting. But last week was a long boring work week. It wasn't even fun work. I couldn't believe I had to storyboard for the rigging, animation history, AND flash class.
Well here's what I worked on for the flash class this week.

The 1st assignment was to do an animatic. Which I didn't like because I was hoping to take the flash class to get away from storyboarding and more into animating. So I made the most of it and just messed around w/ camera movement instead... then... I got the urge to animate a scene. maan that was fun. It's not done, because I was just making up choreo out of my head as I go along. Then I came to the conclusion after animating that sequence... I couldn't finish the whole animatic in time and would have nothing to show for class. So I had to stop and postponed it. And work on the other assignment that was due.

So for the other project, we had to do the good old bounce test using the guide tool in flash. Then throw in a creature/character. Well apparently I misinterpret his directions or something. because a lot of people in class had jumping critters instead... while I was one of the rare few that had a regular ball bounce.
It was 3am, and I thought that it would finished it fast.... but I was wrong. I end up not finishing that as well haha. I will probably finish the ending and tweak some stuff later on.
But this is all there is for now.

WARNING: The following animations are very rough and can cause seizure and possibly blindness from the bad line quality and animation. Watch at own risk...... you have been warned.

It was fun to traditionally animate again. I completely forgot about timing and such and just draw at first.. but then I realize that I was animating stupidly haha. I also forgot how to do a run cycle... so that was a good refresher course.

more to come soon... I promise to upload my 3d stuff one day.


Nhut Pham said...

Hey Quoc!
The video plays well, I can see the whole thing :)
I think your animation is one of the best in the class heheh. I love the second animation when he runs and hit the ball.
BTW, becuase you're still working on this. I would love to see the boy not stepping back but slow down. And when the ball hit him. I would love to see he's pushed forward a little bit too.
I can't wait to see your final animation :)

Howard Cheng said...

dang! Impressive stuff. I love the second one! Man, Nicely done.

KiJeon Nam said...

Hey, Quoc,

Dang, I'm keep forgetting to comment. Like Nhut and Howard, I really like your second one. It's very short, but there seems to be a good energy to it. There definitely is room to improve it but I would say what you have is looking really good. =)

Carrie Liao said...

haha I love that second one! Very cute. As to the first one, I'm not sure if it's just because it's in progress, but be careful about continuity. I got a little thrown off when it came to that.

PS: can I link you? :P