Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Text Flash Animation

This flash assignment was basically to create a text animation. I was going to do one base on special effects but then I found a pretty cartoony text that I wanted to play with. You can tell the parts where i struggled and messed up, and also some troubleshooting I could not solve. The animation is inspired by pixar's intro as well as a scene from the Simpsons. Sorry I didn't add any sound.

side note: animation had little to no in between, thus the choppiness. sorry

EDIT: okay so... i keep having a lot of trouble uploading a converted flash movie file that plays correctly. I think this works will finally work. and pay no attention to the watermark haha.


Howard Cheng said...

This is good.
Maybe on the last part of the animation, when all the words felt down on the ground, you could work on that part a little bit more. Give them weight.
You can add sounds in Soundtrack Pro, too. It will be fun.
Nice job.

Albert o Salim said...

pretty good animation,I cant believe you made it so fast!